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. they are remaining closed to traffic as president barack obama wakes up in the bay area, we will fell you what he told more than 6,000 supporters at a speech last night. another record mark here in california, why relief could soon be on the way for bay area drivers. it is remaining offshore, the question is will it make it on shore, it is time for the bay area news. this is ktvu channel 2 morning news. good morning it is tuesday october 9th, i am ken wayne, dave clark is off today. >> let's check in with steve paulson. i heard you say? >> it's on the coast.
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we have some partly cloudy skies, this system is going parallel to the coast and it is there so a possibility of it being up in the sierra nevada, here is sal. good morning, it is looking good heading to the mcarthur maze, it looks like a nice drive all the way out to the bay bridge toll plaza and everything looks good approaching the 880 split let's go back to the desk. after political drama in san francisco, it all comes down to today for suspended sheriff ross mirkarimi. let's go to supervisors where they will finally decide his fate, tara? >> reporter: they are going to meet and take public comment and hopefully come up with a decision, hopefully there are no more delays in this process
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which has lasted almost a year. as you may remember, the ethics commission voted to oust sheriff ross mirkarimi. he showed up in hand with his wife eliana lopez who had flown in to be by his side. sheriff ross mirkarimi pled guilty to a false imprisonment charge. now sheriff ross mirkarimi was elected sheriff in november after serving as one of the more liberal supervise hers. advocates want sheriff ross mirkarimi out and that him overseeing the jails and domestic violence is simply a conflict of interest. officials need to be held to a higher standard and some say it is a witch hunt and they are staging a rally here and it would take nine of the 11 supervisors in order to remove
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him from office. i am tara moriarty, ktvu channel 2 morning news. two people were found shot to death inside a car in west oakland just before 10:00 last night. police received several gunshots and witnesses saw one person walk up to the car and fire. so far no arrests have been made. police are looking for a man who shot and wounded a man around 10:00 last night. few details are being released but he was taken to a local hospital and he is expected to be okay. president barack obama is in san francisco this morning after his appearances at three area campaign fundraisers. allie rasmus is outside the president's hotel with the
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president's message to his enthusiastic support -- enthusiastic supporters. >> reporter: first of all, areas closed off to vehicle traffic, in front of the hotel continental that is shut down and so is 5th street to mission and folsom street all the way to the right. this is all because of the president's stay here and this is his 12th visit and he stayed overnight at the continental hotel. he stayed here and the technical round table is where people paid $40,000 a ticket. donors paid 20,000 a ticket and at that speech, told them to
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maintain their enthusiasm for him and he told them quote they needed to remain obsessive if they were going to win. they had more than 6 million people lined up for hours to listen to that speech. in that speech, the president references his debate with mitt romney and he had a lack luster performance and here is how he referred to it. >> after that speech, people say don't be so polite, don't be so nice... [applauds] >> but i want everybody to understand something, what was being presented was not leadership, that is salesmanship. >> now along with supporters, there were protesters
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specifically people protesting the federal crackdown on medical marijuana and there were protesters protesting the war in afghanistan and there were people who protested the president's speech in this fundraising visit. you can see the streets are closed and they will remain closed until at least 9:00 this morning and the president is scheduled to leave san francisco at 925 and he had -- 9:25 and he is headed to ohio. ktvu channel 2 morning news. one of his speeches is getting criticism. he is threatening to cut funding for sesame street and the popular character elmo is now on the run. >> elmo has been seen in a white suburban and he is driving for the border. >> now that comment is being
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interpreted as o.j. simpson who infamously fled in a white bronco. you will find the speech on the front page of our website. mitt romney is telling supporters he is sure he will be the next president of the united states and we have more on the latest attack ad by the obama campaign. prices are still high but relief could soon be on the way. this morning gas prices are averaging $4.67 per gallon but now that the state has approved the release of winter blend fuel that will help pump up the gas supply. senator barbara boxer has talked with the fraud group to look at whether refineries was
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being used as an excuse to drive up pump prices. how is traffic so far, sal? >> it looks good, yesterday we got used to something good because it was a holiday at least for state workers and county workers so i don't think today it will be quite as good but if you are driving on 880 westbound it should be a nice drive from berkeley to the bay bridge toll plaza and also, it is a very nice drive into san francisco, not a lot of crowding and traffic continues to look good. there is not a lot going on. it is a nice drive and san jose, that traffic looks good and if you are driving on the peninsular 101 and 280 looks good. let's go to sal. it is finally moving and
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with it getting closer to the coast, it is generating some showers and there in lies the rub and it looks like it will stay parallel to it and if it moved over us, we will have widespread showers and then it goes parallel, so showers near the coast partly sunny partly cloudy and we have a westerly breeze, 40s on the temperatures and lower 50s, everybody is close this is nothing we have not seen before. this system is not well organized and it will take the system and drive it south. more towards santa barbara than us. anybody close to the coast and some of the around will give us an isolated shower.
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tomorrow maybe santa cruz but up in the sierra nevada it is there owego to deal with it. we have reduced visibility and that means it's going to be a cool day. there is some sign of clearing and it is getting warmer for the upcoming weekend. a nobel prize in fist six was a -- fist six was announced and one of them has a bay area connection. wrestling got a little too close for one fan, the charges one wrestler can face. and it looks good coming to the willow pass grade and traffic is moving well getting to concord. ♪
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oh wow, that is mmm... ♪ in fact it's so mmm you might not believe it's a hundred calories. well ok then, new yoplait greek 100. it is so good. ♪ . welcome back, new this morning, a fan got a little too close to a wrestler in sacramento. that is what happened at the end of last night's match. he ran up into the stands and that video, you could see him being heckled and push by multiple fans and he turns and hits one man in the face. that man is upset because he never laid a hand on the
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wrestler. >> it is not something you do but if you knew 100% it was that exact person. >> the man was taken out of the rina and was talks with police and he said he was not badly hurt but there are reports he is considering pressing charges against the wrestler. they will address a rise inside afghanistan. leon panetta is trying all he can to stop the insurgence. nato officials say they remain committed to the military effort in afghanistan but are concerned about the attacks. the world hunger crisis is not as bad as previously thought. in 2009 they mistakenly thought 8 billion were hungry but the
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number has steadily declined. they blame poor data for the false projection and now they are using more accurate ways of projecting that number. they have few new polls and candidates reaction, allison? >> reporter: a new people poll shows president barack obama with an 8 point lead last month. now this is a 3 point margin of error but here is mitt romney in rain soaked areas sounding very upbeat about a win in four weeks. >> i wonder why i am so confident we are going to win. i am confident because i see you here on a day like this, thank you so much. >> they are looking to payment
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the president on -- paint the president as weak. meanwhile they are taking aim at mitt romney's push to end subsidies for public broadcasting. >> it is not mitt romney you have to worry about,... >> i am going to stop the funds for sesame street. >> allison burns, ktvu channel 2 morning news. for the first time in history the united states does not have a protestant majority. the percentage of protestant adults has fallen and others have increased in the last five years. experts say the trend has political implications because americans with no religion
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typically vote democrat. physics as announced just a few hours ago, american david wine land won the nobel prize for developing tiny jaun tonight particles without -- quantity particles without destroying them. he received his degree from uc berkeley. we have a decent drive, there is not a lot going on. let's take a look at what we have, westbound 24. there is a clearing for oakland lafayette and this morning's commute looks good at the bay bridge toll plaza. we don't see a crowd until just after 6:00 so you still have a
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little bit of time to jump ahead of the crowd. this is a look at cal transdata and it looks good across the bay and 880 traffic looks good in san jose. let's go to steve. this low has been moving two to three and a half weeks. retrograded, finally getting kicked in but it is not kicked in over us so there are some showers hugging the coast. high is 60s and 70s but it does not look like it. anybody near the coast or maybe the wraparound could give us a few isolated showers. santa park bra would be starting today. we are in line it is close, but we are still getting a westerly
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breeze, 40s and 50s on the temperatures. antioch san jose, 50 at san rafael, our low looks like it is heading south. the mere fact that it's there, it is very weak. partly sunny skies, by wednesday it will be to -- too far south. some clouds, breezy, partly cloudy skies, 60s and 70s on the temperatures and they will held in check and they will be on wednesday and thursday. the low will be far enough south, that will clear everything out and it does look mostly sunny and warmer for the upcoming weekend, pam. european markets are half up, half down after they cut their global -- goal ball
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forecast. many investors are -- global forecast. many investors are positive and the shanghai went higher. ours are slightly higher and the s&p 500 may be a bit of a drop for the nasdaq but after today's closing bell, the important season begins. alcoa begins third quarter earnings and they are giving their financial update and they are seen as the overall health of global manufacturing. shock in a south bay community in a controversial political display. how it is causing drivers to take a double take and what they are saying. in tragedy, how it involves cockroaches and worms.
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. coming up on 5:23 in florida and a man died after eating dozens of cockroaches. he was trying to win an exotic python. he won the contest but afterwards he began vomiting collapse shall -- vomiting and collapsed. >> we are all sad.
5:24 am
>> no other contestants have died but they are doing an autopsy to determine what actually killed the man. a morgan hill home is causing shock and outrage. the display a long foot hill avenue attacks president barack obama. just feet from mitt romney sits a watermelon and an parent noose. there is also a sign that says quote, go back to kenya. now we spoke to a party leader about the display. >> i think it is very disrespectful somebody would do that. there are racist overtones and to me it is the mark of kind of a bizarre person. >> now the owner acknowledged he made the display. he declined to talk on camera but says the display speaks for itself. looking for a yosemite
5:25 am
employee, they are trying to find her. jessica rose garcia disappeared. she failed to report for her first day of work the next day. she is 5-foot 3 inches tall and 170 pounds. she has shoulder lengths hair and dark eyes. today park rangers will take down climbing cables. they will be put back into place in time for spring hiking next year. they will strongly advice against climbing without those precautionary cables. they are qualifying some train crossings as kind he zones. the $12 million project will silence the bells and trains will not blow whistles while passing through. it is up to the city to apply
5:26 am
for a quiet zone designation. they say they should consider the safety risks of doing that. >> it is quiet out there isn't it? >> it is pretty quiet. so far let's look at the southbound continuing get up to highway 17. also the morning drive, that traffic looks good and it is getting busy in the livermore valley and we are seeing more cars on the morning commute. right after the coast, it is close so if you are by the coast it system looks like it is heading sought but 60s and 70s coming up. as they try to survive in
5:27 am
the playoffs, the team is rejecting the idea of opening thousands more seats. the wellbeing of children in california and a new study to determine that kids are getting what they need for a healthy life. he is going to bring the hammer down on sesame street. >> the criticisms directed at mitt romney during his san francisco appearances. ♪
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. welcome back, i am pam cook, time now is just about 5:30, are we going to need an umbrella? >> are you going fishing? >> no. >> well, it looks like they want to stay close to the coast up the marin points south, but overall partly cloudy skies, and breezy, here is sal. traffic does look good as you head to the toll place alexander it looks lightly traveled on doyle drive. also looking at the san mateo bridge that traffic is fine. let's go back to the desk. just a few hours from now, president barack obama will head out of the bay area in the
5:31 am
battle ground state of ohio he will making an appearance. here is more on how traffic will be affected by the president's departure, allie? >> reporter: there is a four block area around the continental hotel which is closed off to vehicle traffic. the streets affected are howard street and 5th and 4th street behind that row of police officers you see also 5th street to mission behind the mobile command unit all the way to folsom and the only vehicles parked here are police vehicles. now this is the president's 12th visit since he became president and he has a big following here and many people bought tickets to hear the president speak. some paid between $75 and $200
5:32 am
a ticket. it was almost a circus like atmosphere with protesters on the same space and people are unhappy with the federal crackdown on medical marijuana. now in the president's speech he made sure to mention his opponent's policies and it's a tight race between president barack obama and mitt romney. in his speech president barack obama criticized mr. romney's tax plan. >> the centerpiece is a 5 trillion-dollar tax cut cued towards the wealth -- cued towards the wealthy. he has been pitching this plan for almost five years now. >> reporter: it is one of three funds raisers he attendped and there was a tech round table where people paid $40,000 a
5:33 am
ticket to meet with with the president and the president is scheduled to depart at 9:25 this morning and these roads will remain closed to pedestrian traffic and then the president heads to ohio for a fundraiser to address the crowd at ohio state university. allie rasmus, ktvu channel 2 morning news. >> we have the president's speech on the website and you will find the video in the video player on the right of our page. meanwhile, mitt romney will join the president after a stop in ohio and he told people he is confident he will be the next president of the united states. >> we cannot go on the path we are on and we must restore america's strength and i will do it with your help. >> mitt romney made an
5:34 am
unscheduled stop at an elementary school when the students started cheering as the motorcade passed by. a hercules woman was found killed friday night. family and friends of susan held a vigil outside where she was found stabbed to death. 200 people held candles expressing -- expressing their love for her. >> i honestly didn't know what to expect but i wanted to come here and show respect. >> police are looking for the car that was stolen from her home. it is a subject roux outback with dab subaru outback and authorities are also trying to find her killer. they found the boy around 11:00 last night in the area of
5:35 am
telegraph. that is more than three miles from where he got lost earlier in the evening while riding a scooter with his father. police say the boy was not hurt. a warning from police and a suspect is on the loose. we will tell you about a scary attack had a woman running for her life. this is not the first time attacks have happened on that same trail. they are showing the bright spots and problemmed areas and joining us now from north wood elementary school with a look at how santa clara scored, matt? >> reporter: they will be coming in for classes and this study revealed some positive news for kids here in santa clara county. this report tracks 28 factors of a child's wellbeing across
5:36 am
four counties. this allows communities to quickly gauge where children are doing well and where more work is needed. they only landed in the bottom third and only one county won in all four categories. they were including women who received prenatal care and children who are in a healthy weight zone. this study was done on all counties where many are in the top third in 15 categories and the children now hope this promotes health and education here in california. p aring live ktvu channel 2 morning news. oakland could increase the number of red light cameras. there are currently 13 red light cameras and they will consider approving a $2 million
5:37 am
contract with the company that operates those red light cameras. will it be enough to operate 30 cameras in oakland. and other cities are ending their use saying revenue from them does not cover the operating costs. three time world series evan will drop the ceremonial pitch on the must win game for the oakland a's. a's fans gathered ahead of tonight's game hosting the detroit tigers in game 3 of the division series. he will be hoping to save the team from elimination. by the way, oakland a's had not removed the tarps from the upper deck to make more seats available. some fans started an online petition to remove the taps which covered about 2 5,000 seats. the as don't want to open the
5:38 am
area and only sell a couple of thousand tickets. they will make the decision should the amount of sad advance. meanwhile they have opinion tapped to get the first two games on track. the giants need to win three games in a row in cincinnati. they had major league baseball's rogue record for the first half of the season but the rest have not lost three games the entire season. >> a lot of the people will be glued to those games. sal, i'm sure you are one of them. yes, i am a big fan. the toll plaza is showing a little bit of a crowd and they want to get over the bridge before it gets really bad.
5:39 am
it usually starts getting slow in next -- in the next half hour and you may eliminate your waiting time. and your drive to livermore to caster valley that looks good and no problems heading to 880 if you are driving south and we are off to a nice start on all the freeways on the santa clara valley. >> good morning, our area of low pressure system is finally beginning to move, there are showers heading off the coast, some of the wrap around might give lake county and that would be a problem on wednesday. partly cloudy skies, showers
5:40 am
near the coast but this low is heading down the coast and it looks like this wants to visit santa barbara more than us. we still get that wind and yesterday's temperatures will not change too much until this low kicks further south and then we get breezy conditions and we warm up towards the middle of the week. there is enough but the forecast hardly puts any rain on us. it is up in the sierra nevada so if you are watching, some of that wraparound, it is very weak, most of it will be south of us and you can see it in the sierra by late wednesday or thursday. it looks like a much bigger event for them than for us. low clouds, fog sun breezy, coast bay and inland there will
5:41 am
not be much of a difference on the temperatures compared to yesterday. there is maybe a few isolated showers on wednesday and it starts to clear out and it is mostly sunny and looks warmer as we head to the upcoming weekend. new information on that national meningitis outbreak. the number of californians who are exposed to the deadly virus. and what jerry sandusky said in a jail house statement that is causing controversy. we have some crowded spots, we will tell you where coming up.
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. it should be right by the water's edge, and 60s and 70s cool and breezy. here is a look at some of the top stories we are following. police are looking for the person responsible for a double homicide in oakland. they are looking for the people who shot two people around 10:00 last night witnesses say they saw somebody drive up to the car and open fire. sheriff ross mirkarimi is expected to find out today if he will keep his job. san francisco supervisors are set to vote in a special meeting which starts at 2:00 this afternoon. he was suspended back in march, following an arm bruising with his wife. they are approving the release of a winter blend fuel. they are hoping to bump up the state's gas supply.
5:45 am
right now it is $4.677 per gallon. jerry sandusky is professing his innocence even though he has been convicted of child sexual abuse. here is more on the statement jerry sandusky released and what is expected to happen in court. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, pam, you can see behind me some people are still waiting outside the courthouse to see if they can get in. they are waiting to arrive shortly and he and two of his victims are expected to make statements, last night jerry sandusky spoke out from his jail cell insisting he is not guilty. >> they can take away my life, they can make me out as a monster and treat me as a monster but they can't take away my heart. >> reporter: he released the statement to the radio.
5:46 am
he said the case was brought too quickly and accused his victims for conspiring against him and called the claims preposterous. >> my client came forward only after there was a knock on the door which led him to a grand jury room. >> reporter: in june he was found guilty of sexually abusing 10 boys over a period of 15 years. his trial lasted three weeks and featured testimony which was often emotional and graphic. he was molesting them in the basement and hotel rooms and jerry sandusky never took the stand in his own defense. his character witnesses and there were people who benefited from his charity the second mile. jurors convicted him. they imposed sanctions against penn state including a $60
5:47 am
million fine and a four-year bowl ban. jerry sandusky just arrived and the court will determine if jerry sandusky should be looked at as a violent predator and jerry sandusky will spend the rest of his life in prison. pam? >> thank you for that update now from pennsylvania and as she just mentioned, jerry sandusky just arrived in court, here he is. we have some video of him. new video this morning, there he is a arriving at court for his sentencing clearly being escorted, you can see a number of people are waiting outside and again we have a reporter there this morning. this is new video. he is a arriving in court and we have that statement he made claiming his innocence in a number of the -- and a number
5:48 am
of the victims in the case will get to speak and we have public responses as well and we will continue to follow that story throughout the morning. police are sending a strong warning for people who walk on a popular trail after a woman was attacked by a man with a knife. now the attack happened on the delta trail. police say the suspect rode his bike passed the victim hid in some bushes and then attacked her. the woman then ran about a half mile to mcdonald's and called for help. this is not the first time attacks happened on this trail. we spoke to one person who said his aunt is also a victim. >> she told me to stop taking the trail because she was attacked there as well. >> if you don't have anybody to walk with you, be sure to walk in well-lit areas. >> police searched looking for
5:49 am
clues. the suspect is described as an african-american man in his 40s. he was last seen wearing black leather jacket, black shoes was riding a black mountain bike at the time and anybody with information should please call police. it is suspected of a men guys outbreak. the shots are often used to treat back pain and although there have been no meningitis outbreaks in california, eight people died in other states. they are looking to find other people who may have received the contaminated shots. there are a couple of things, unfortunately pam and ken but for the most part we are doing okay. let's start with a look at highway 24. you can see it is already
5:50 am
getting busy. your drive between walnut creek and oakland, it is going to be slow and at the toll plaza, it's not all that bad, although they are getting crowded especially in those cash pair lanes. it is causing a slow down at 380, watch for slow traffic. they have late running road work and if you want to stay clear you may think of slow traffic but let's go go steve -- let's go to steve paulson. it's right by the lighthouse from bodega bay, right off to the city and also
5:51 am
san mateo coastline and that's probably the best opportunity. tomorrow maybe some of that can filter in off the sierra but showers near the coast, partly sunny skies partly cloudy, mild forecast, 70s for most, cool to mild with more of a westerly breeze in place. we may get a south wind and sometimes that can help warm things up. all signs point towards it heading south. it may be a better opportunity there than for us but the track takes it for us along the coast and maybe wednesday for the santa clara valley and that would be a stretch. fog sun breezy, mix of sun and clouds, a cool pattern and temperatures are close, not much change on wednesday but by thursday, the system is far
5:52 am
enough south we will pick up a northerly breeze and with your weekend in view, it does look sunny and warmer there, pam. they now have plans to lay off some workers. the company says a small percentage of that workforce will be laid off. all security softwares are fine as the pc industry continues to slump. microsoft is launching windows 8 which includes free virus protection software. they are being asked to blur a map image of its new early warning radar to detect missiles as far away as china. google using it on google map. the election is still four months away, why some of those early votes are in danger of
5:53 am
not being counted. it is beginning to look a lot like christmas, some people are willing to spend quite a bit extra.
5:54 am
5:55 am
. good morning, a couple of showers trying and trying to get close to the coast. it looks like anybody near the
5:56 am
coast has a better opportunity, otherwise partly cloudy with 60s and 70s. early voting is set and the convenience is that early bat lots -- ballots may be rejected. when you vote by mail the signature is compared to the voter registration card or that with dmv. there is a spike in the number of rejected ballots. >> we ran a study, it was not the older population, it was the 20 to 39-year-olds and they represented 59% of our voters and 50% of our signature rejections. >> it is a rate higher than older voters and starting this year, they will have instructions to make sure every vote counts. a gun went off in class.
5:57 am
two boys they brought the gun to the -- the boys brought the gun to the classroom and he hiding it -- he tried hiding it in his pocket setting off a stray bullet. it is the 86th annual christmas book. it is known forfeit to youring $420,000 tour of our flour -- european flower shows on a speed boat. >> it is a bit much. >> sal is keep egg an eye on -- sal is keeping an eye on traffic... >> not too bad, getting to 880, that traffic looks good and there are no major problems, no
5:58 am
major problems on highway 17 and that traffic looks good headed back to the desk. >> well, first big bird, now elmo. we will tell you why the president is using the moppets to slam mitt romney. and sheriff ross mirkarimi's time is coming to an end. we'll see what the board of supervisors decides. >> showers are coming up off the coast we will look to see if they make it in about 10 minutes.
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